Pet Portraits 

         When I was a child, one of the first things I was taught to draw was a quick, floppy-eared puppy with big eyes and a long tongue. Drawing anything more realistic than that was a daunting thought for the longest time. Until one day, I decided that I would really challenge myself by stepping out of my comfort zone to give drawing fur a try. The tedious and repetitive nature of trying to replicate fur has always proven to be difficult for me in the past. After completing the first portrait, I fell in love with the idea of combining my two favorite things in life, art, and pets. Throughout this course, I have attempted to capture not only the physical qualities of each pet, but their personalities as well. Colored pencils, oil paint, and graphite were my mediums of choice for this project. Learning to work with different mediums and the use of colors has really helped me to grow into my own style as an artist. I hope to one day turn this newfound passion into a lifelong career of honoring those furry family members who bring so much love and happiness into their respective homes.